Professor Ciletti Mechatronics, Dual Enrollment Math, and Dual Enrollment Engineering




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Scholarship opportunities:
Earn the following while you are are Oakland:
Associates Degree (A.A.S. in Mechatronics) from Motlow State Community College 61 credit hours by the time you graduate high school.
37 Credit hours (this make you a Sophomore in College) in Engineering and Mechatronics from MTSU and Motlow State
Siemens Level 1 certification
FANUC robotic Material Handling Tool and Programming Level 1 Certification
Solidworks CSWA certification
6 different Precision Measurement Instruments (PMI) certifications
SACA (Smart Automation Certifications Alliance) 10 different certifications
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National Award:

Professor Ciletti

Digital Electronics, MECH1310(electrical components), MECH1220(mechanical components), MECH1330(fluid power), MECH1340(Programmable logic controllers), MECH1350 Robotics, MECH2320 Motor Controls. ENGR 2130 (circuit Analysis I), ENGR 3520 Digital Circuit Fundamentals, MATH 1720 (Pre-Calculus 2) and MATH 1910 (Calculus 1)


Room:K5   LAB:K7


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Lenny Ciletti
B.S. Electrical Engineering
M.S. Applied Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty Motlow State CC
Adjunct Faculty Middle Tennessee                              State University
Siemens Level 1 Certified Instructor
FANUC Certified Instructor
PMI Certified Instructor
Solidworks SWCA Certified