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Junior Summer Reading list 2020

Hi guys! If you are NOT registered for IB English next year, this is your summer reading list for the other English courses. Please read carefully and email me with any questions. If you are signed up for IB English, please make sure to click on the post below for your list.

IB Summer Reading list 2020

Hi guys! This week's post is just making sure that you all received your summer reading list. This is the IB junior reading list. If you are not taking IB English next year, you will use the reading list labeled "junior reading list" in the post above Please read carefully for what is required of you before school is back in session this August. As always, email me with any questions. Look on Edmodo for a note from me later today!

English II May 11_15-2

Hi guys! This week's lesson continues a critical look into the themes and symbolism within poetry. You will examine two poems by famous authors that deal with the central theme of 'death'. As you read, analyze meaning of subjective words and form an analysis of differing themes.

English II May 4_8

Hey guys! This week's objective is analyzing figurative language in the context of poetry. There is an audio accompaniment of "A Dream Within a Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe to help you as you interpret the meaning of nuanced words and the overarching theme. As always, email me with any questions! :) 

English II April 27-May 1 Optional Lesson

Hi guys! I hope you're still doing well. This week's lesson will focus on argumentative claims. You will read an argumentative article about the potential cons of social media. As you read, take notes on the author's claim and keep in mind last week's notes on the difference between objective and critical summary. As always, email me with any questions!

OHS Supplemental Assignment Apr 20-24 Instructions

This file should be used with the "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" short story file in the previous post. Your goal this week is to practice using context clues in relation to fictional text as well as giving an objective summary and analyzing the overarching theme. Email me with any questions or desired feedback. Good luck, guys! :) 

District Optional Resource English II April 13-17

Hi guys! This is the optional assignment from the district for this week. This reviews aspects of literature we have covered throughout the year, including: analyzing tone, diction, and central idea. The text and prompt are both included in the file. Be sure to use this week's additional resources as needed. As always, reach out with any questions. :) 

Satire Notes

If you are interested in working on our optional AH assignment for the week, this video is helpful in understanding the genre and aim of Jonathan's Swift's "A Modest Proposal". Take notes of these techniques and analyze his usage of these as you read this week's text. As always, email me with any questions or feedback requests.

Rhetoric Review Video

If you are utilizing the district resource activity for the week, this may be a helpful video to review rhetoric. We used this type of analysis with our speeches in Julius Caesar, as well as our speeches by Elie Wiesel. As always, email me with any questions on the optional assignment.

Quarter 4: Distant Learning Updates

Hey guys! During the next few weeks, I will upload new optional content/resources on this page and our Edmodo page each MONDAY. You can communicate with me via email or Remind for any questions that you have or feedback that you request.