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David Watson » Welcome to Mr. Watson's Integrated 1 Page!

Welcome to Mr. Watson's Integrated 1 Page!

Welcome to my page.  This page is a place to find information about assignments and what is happening in Integrated I.  I hope you will subscribe so that you can receive email updates for this class!

Recent Posts


2nd Semester is time to start fresh and new!  What a great chance to get off to a good start in Mathematics in 2019!  Take advantage of this time!

Check your grades on iNow!!

Students, please look on iNow for your grades and missing work.  We have 2 weeks left and Missing Assignments hurts your grade tremendously!

Homework/Bell Work Turn In

Many students have not turned in Homework/Bell Work from last week!  Please take care of this today!

Video Posted for Solving Inequality Help

I have posted a video quiz that you can do that may help you with solving a two step inequality.  If you are having trouble, this could be a good video for you to view. It is interactive and will ask you questions as you go.

Re Take your test!

Don't forget to do your remediation sheet and retake your test!  Not many students have done this so far!  Just a Reminder.

M2T1 Remediation Sheet

This is the Remediation Sheet for M2T1 Test.  Complete this sheet in order to retake the M2T1 Test.   Once you have it completed, get a PAT pass in order to retake your test!  This is your responsibility!!