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Mission Statement

Oakland High School Philosophy
We believe effective instruction, which includes real life applications, will allow all students at Oakland High School to be successful. Students learn differently and teaching strategies must accommodate these styles. Teachers will create developmentally appropriate assessments using the Tennessee State Standards, goals, and objectives. Teaching strategies will be based on the diagnostic evaluation of the students' assessments.
We believe decisions and policy making should consider input from all stakeholders. This may be achieved by semi-annual departmental reviews, faculty meetings, and open door meetings with administrators.
We believe four parties share the responsibility for learning: teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Teachers should professionally execute their curriculum. When students are failing, teachers must interact with parents to address the problem. Teachers are ultimately accountable for learning based on federal and state performance criteria. Students must participate by making school their primary job and also by demonstrating respect for fellow students, faculty, and parents.
Oakland High School
2225 Patriot Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37130-2018
Phone: (615) 904-3780
Fax: (615) 904-3781