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Dr. Porter

Below is a list of suggested notes and assignments for the remaining time that we will be out of school. Please check back regularly for updates and additional resources. All suggested assignments can be submitted on Teams for feedback. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. 


I will be updating material on GAS LAWS, SOLUTIONS, and DATA ANALYSIS. Please work through the material at your own pace. I will be continually updating the material with digital lessons (on YouTube/OneNote). Please take a look at my Online Learning Overview video posted below for more details. 


Online Learning Overview (for Dr. Porter)



Bonding Overview  (Web view)

Summary Bonding Notes  (Web view)

Compounds Introduction  (Web view)

Ionic Compounds  (Web view)

Covalent Compounds  (Web view)

Nomenclature  (Web view)

Figuring out Nomenclature Ionic  (Web view)

Figuring out Nomenclature Covalent  (Web view)

Polyatomic Ions  (Web view)

Multivalent metals  (Web view)

Ionic Practice  (Web view)

Covalent Practice  (Web view)

Lewis Structures  (Web view)

VSEPR  (Web view)

Polarity  (Web view)

Intermolecular Forces  (Web view)

Formative Assessment Bonding  (Web view)




Shielding and ENC  (Web view)

Brief Periodicity Notes  (Web view)

Exploring Periodicity   (Web view)

Periodic Trends  (Web view)

Ionic Radius  (Web view)

Summary Notes Periodicity  (Web view)

Alien Periodic Table  (Web view)



Measurement and Data Analysis

Significant Figures (Web view)

Laboratory Tools (Web view)

Measurement Tools (Web view)

Uncertainty  (Web view)

Error  (Web view)

Metric Conversions  (Web view)

RCS Assignment Data Analysis  (Web view)

Significant Figure POGIL  (Web view)



Gas Laws 

Gas Laws  (Web view) - (Video: https://youtu.be/xKikzcEQz_8)

Summary Notes Gases  (Web view) -(Video: Gas Laws Notes)

Gas Simulations (Web view)

Practice: Gas Laws Example Problems  (Web view)

Practice: - Gas Laws   (Web view) - (Video: Gas Laws Example Problems)

Formative Assessment 01 - Gas Laws  (Web view) (submit on Teams for feedback)

Ideal Gas Law  (Web view) - (Video: https://youtu.be/aT19mqru-P8)

Ideal and combined problems  (Web view)

Formative Assessment 02 - Ideal Gas Law  (Web view) (submit on Teams for feedback)

Molar Volume of a Gas: Molar Map 4.0  (Web view) - (Video: Molar Volume of a Gas)

Practice: Gas Stoichiometry  (Web view)

Formative Assessment 03 - Molar Volume  (Web view) (submit on Teams for feedback)




Notes: Classifications of Matter  (Web view)

Notes: Solutions  (Web view)

Notes: Concentration   (Web view)

Notes: Preparing Solutions  (Web view)

Practice: Preparing a solution  (Web view)

RCS Assignment  (Web view)



Chemistry Articles (American Chemical Society)

April 2020 ChemMatters  (Web view)

Cow Power (Chemical Reactions)

Clearing the Air (Chemical Reactions)

Capturing Carbon (Chemical and Physical Changes)

Why Avocados Are So Appealing (Biochemistry)


Feb. 2020 ChemMatters  (Web view)

Chernobyl's Legacy (Nuclear Chemistry)

Is Iron the Most Important Element? (Metals)

Chemistry Takes to the Skies (State of Matter)

Crystal Caves (Solutions)


Dec. 2019 ChemMatters  (Web view)

Vaping: What You Need to Know (Acids and Bases)

The Battle Against Body Odor (Biochemistry)

The Winter is Too Cold (Earth Science)

The Great Molasses Flood (Intermolecular Forces)


Oct. 2019 ChemMatters  (Web view)

The Secret Life Of Gold (Elements)

Cash, Chemistry, and Counterfiet (Chemical and Physical Properties)

The Measure of a Mole (Quantitative Chemistry)

The Future of Forensics (Scientific Method)




Dr. Porter



Twitter: @porterchemistry

Chemistry OneNote Classroom






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