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Ms. Barnes- CTE

Georgette Barnes

Introduction to Human Studies; Nutrition Across the Lifespan; Nutrition Science



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Recent Posts

Quiz 1 Reopened

 I made changes to the quiz and it should now allow you to answer The questions.  You will have until 7 am on Monday to submit your answers. I am sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for those who have sent questions asking about the quiz. Have a good rest of your weekend.

Quiz 1

 I will recheck submitted quizzes. I know some will be marked with, when you have entered the right answer. Make sure if the question asks for multiple answers you enter more than one. I do enter the correct total score for your grade.

Week One Quiz

 Your quiz is uploaded to your class webpage. It is open until Midnight on Sunday 8/13/17. 
Nest weeks topic: Safety/Sanitation and basic Kitchen Information 


WELCOME BACK to the 2017-18 School year!!! For some of you graduation is the main goal, for others, this is just the beginning, but for all of you this is the year that you have me as your mentor, your guide, your teacher.
For all my previous students, I am looking for increased responsibility on your part, hard work, and commitment to learning more about taking care of your health. For my new students I want you to feel welcomed to learn and be successful in my classroom and talk to me about any concerns you may have.
This year, the approach is different, the content new, my expectations higher, accountability increased,  positive encouragement daily, and my desire for your success stronger than ever. I want each of you to learn new things, to reach your full potential, and to know that a little tough love is to make you stronger. 
Here's to a great year. Start out on a high note and continue to push yourself to do better than the day before!! Get started on the right path by competing your first assignment. To get to the assignment, click on the class you enrolled and follow the directions provided. To receive all points, you have to follow all instructions by your FIRST DAY OF CLASS!!!
Let Today Be the Start of Something New!!!!