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Amanda Cline » Computer Lab Procedures

Computer Lab Procedures

All the following information is also in the Faculty Notebook
Computer Lab Guidelines:
No food or drinks
Leave it the way you found it (or clean it up)
No unsupervised students
Put in a work order to ohswo@rcschools.net if you are in a lab and a computer doesn't work.  Be sure to put the lab number and computer number(s). 
**All lab schedules are subject to change**
**Benchmark dates are blocked off - benchmarks are scheduled in the office**

Library Labs (2 labs - 25 PCs each):

Sign up by emailing Mrs. Moisant and Mrs. Hays 

moisantk@rcschools.net; haysl@rcschools.net


Library Lab Calendar


Main Building:

The following labs are self-sign up. Please view the guidelines before signing up (guidelines are to the left of the calendar when you follow the link). 

When in doubt, email your tech coach!

iPads (30)

Laptops (30 - cart kept in A1 lab)

A1 (35)

F2 (30 - Closed during PAT time for progress monitoring)


Main Building Calendar


Annex Mobile Lab (30):

 Sign up by emailing Mrs. Sledge



Annex Lab Calendar



Department Labs:

CTE Laptops: The CTE department can check out the CTE laptop cart by emailing Mrs. Bray - braya@rcschools.net

IB Lab: The IB department can check out the C Hall lab by emailing Mrs. Borombozin - borombozina@rcschools.net