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Mr. Pyle - Mathematics

Mr. Pyle

Integrated Math II



Welcome to Mr. Pyle's Integrated Math II website.  All of my assignments, powerpoints, and HW will be posted on this website, just go to the page of your class on the right to find everything.  My Supplies list is also on the page of each class.


Below are some links to some optional district resources for students to complete, and email if they have any questions.  I also have included optional supplemental resources for students to complete as well.  Email me if you have any questions.


Distance Learning (District Resources)


Integrated Math II April 6-10

Integrated Math II April 13-17 

Integrated Math II April 20-24

Integrated Math II May 4-8

Integrated Math II May 11-15

Week of April 27 to May 1st


Day 1 April 27

Day 2 April 28
Day 3 April 29
Day 4 April 30
Day 5



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You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school. If you need help with how to use different features in your account you can click on this link to download the Office 365 guide.




4.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Examples over how to add and subtract polynomials without a calculator

1.4 Triangle Prop. Theorem

A video over 1.4 Notes. How to solve for x using Proportional parts of triangles or parallel lines.

1.3 Solving with Similarity

Step by step video over the 1.3 Notes, How to solve for missing sides of similar triangles.
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