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Kathryn Mallari » Distance Learning FAQ

Distance Learning FAQ

Q: Who should I email for help?
A: OHS Help Email Address:
Need help with Clever, Kiddom, email, or logging into a computer? How about downloading/uploading documents, submitting work, and navigating new technology? We're here to help! Please use the following email address for these types of questions/concerns: OHSHelp@rcschools.net
For content and lesson specific questions, please email your teacher. 
Q: Where do I go to access Clever and Kiddom?
A: Always start on the OHS homepage. At the top bar, click on the Clever link. In Clever, choose to Log in with Active Directory: if you are on a school provided device, it will automatically sign you in using your school computer username and password; if you are logging in on a personal device, you will enter your entire RCS email address and password.You will see school Apps in Clever, including Kiddom. Click the Kiddom app to automatically log in and view daily lessons. Watch this video for more help: OHS Student Orientation Video. 
Q: What is my student's username and password?
A: Your student's username is his/her email address (jsmith000@student.rcschools.net) and his/her password is the state ID/lunch number. If the student number has a series of zeroes in the front (ex: 0000004009979) the password would be the number AFTER the series of zeroes. In this case, the password would be 4009979).
Q: What if the student's number is all zeroes?
A: Your student's password is the word 'password' all lowercase.
Q: When am I supposed to log on for distance learning?
A: Your student's teachers will be in contact with their distance learners through Kiddom daily. Expectations for each class are found here as well. 
Q: How should my student get in touch with their teacher to get information about TEAMS meetings?
A:It is imperative your student checks his/her school email. This can be accessed on the Oakland High website at the top. Click Employee Email, then enter the student email (jsmith000@student.rcschools.net) and password (state ID/lunch number). 
Q: What should I do if my student is having a hard time accessing Clever and their student email?
A: Please check in Skyward to ensure your student's username and email match. Example: if your student's username is jsmith000 their email should be jsmith000@student.rcschools.net. If you find an error, please contact Mrs. Mallari.
Q: What should I do if my student is not able to login to Clever (I keep getting the 'uh-oh' message)?
A: Try clearing out your browser history and logging in to Clever again to see if this helps with the issue. Also, try accessing it from a different browser: instead of Chrome, try Microsoft Edge or Firefox. 
Q: What if the above suggestions do not work and I still cannot get into Clever?
A: Please email cleverhelp@rcschools.net
Q: I am using a chromebook and am having a hard time accessing the appropriate programs. Any suggestions?
A: Open your office365 by going to portal.office.com then try Clever and other RCS programs.
Q: We need wifi at home. Any suggestions?
A: If your family is looking for internet access resources, EveryoneON could help: EveryoneON is a national nonprofit that creates social and economic opportunity by connecting everyone to the internet.  
Q: How do I access online textbooks? 
A: Textbooks are accessed through Clever. Go HERE for detailed instructions on each online textbook.