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Distance Learning

January 14, 2021
Students and parents, below is a picture of our school schedule explained and what each Friday will be. We hope this helps you and your students. 
October 13, 2020
Please watch the video for distance learner updates. 
If you are unable to watch the video, you may open the file below. 
OHS Help Email Address: OHSHelp@rcschools.net

Need help with Clever, Kiddom, email, or logging into a computer? How about downloading/uploading documents, submitting work, and navigating new technology? We're here to help! Please use the following email address for these types of questions/concerns: OHSHelp@rcschools.net
For content and lesson specific questions, please email your teacher.
OHS Distance Learners: 
All daily assignments will be posted in Kiddom by your teachers. This is where you should go each day to access lessons, assignments, and instructions from your teachers.
Accessing Daily Instruction:
o Go to the OHS homepage and click Clever at the very top.
o In Clever, choose to Log in with Active Directory:
-if you are on a school provided device, it will automatically sign you in using your school
computer username and password.
-if you are logging in on a personal device, you will enter your entire RCS email address and
o You will see school Apps in Clever, including Kiddom.
o Click the Kiddom app to automatically log in and view daily lessons.
▪ If you are logging in for the first time from home, you will enter your entire RCS email address and
password. You should only have to enter this once, then it will remember you.
-If you need help with this process, watch this video: OHS Student Orientation Video. 
-For additional help with Kiddom, go here: Kiddom Resources 
-For help with specific lessons/classes in Kiddom, please reach out to your teacher. 
Please fill out the following forms for distance learning:
  • Paper form and submit to the school
Most textbooks are available online through your Clever account. Students will only receive a hard copy of their textbook if it is not available online. Textbooks can be picked up on the the same days as devices. 
Device Information
If you are needing a device for distance learning please fill out the OHS Device Form for Distance Learners below. 
E-mail the form to: coronadoe@rcschools.net 
If you are unable to print the form, you may e-mail or contact Ms. Coronado and arrangements can be made. 

Help with resetting your RCS password:

All distance learning students: Welcome to the 2020-21 school year at Oakland High School!

Friday, August 14th: Your assignment for today has three parts: 

2. Access Kiddom and go into each class. View any assignments and complete them.
3. Register for email password reset by completing the following steps:
STEP A. Visit http://aka.ms/ssprsetup in your web browser and complete the sign-up process using your existing emailusername@student.rcschools.net  and password that you login to your computer with today.
STEP B: To change your password: After you complete the registration process you can use the following link http://aka.ms/sspr or click on "Can't access your account?" on the sign on page to reset or unlock your account from any device. 

Thursday, August 13th: Your assignment today, Aug. 13, is to watch our orientation video (OHS Technology Orientation Video 2020-2021), and familiarize yourself with our online access site. Please review the Oakland High School Distance Learning Quick-Start Guide below. Included in this guide are directions for accessing daily instruction. We will provide one last update on this site for Friday’s assignment before transitioning to Kiddom and working with individual classes Monday. 

If you complete the video lesson with spare time, here are some videos to help you navigate Kiddom and understand how it works. Kiddom Navigation Videos