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1SG Turner JROTC

Welcome to JROTC LET II course. 


This course is designed to teach values associated with responsible citizenship. You will learn and apply leadership and human relations skills, communication skills, and an appreciation for teamwork and self-discipline. Emphasis is placed upon integrity, responsibility, and respect for each other and authority. 


PREREQUISITSES:  You should be a student in good standing in the Oakland School District in the 10th through 12th grades and at least 15 years old. You must be physically qualified to participate in the schools physical education program, and your parents must sign a statement of health. Also, you must be of good moral character and maintain acceptable standards of conduct. You must pass each Learning Education and Training (LET) level to progress to the next higher. 


TEXT and EQUIPMENT: Your primary text will be provided by the US Army and a classroom set of the texts will be available to you. Additionally, you will be required to maintain a dedicated JROTC notebook, which you will keep while you are in JROTC. Uniforms and basic equipment will be provided at no expense to you. Periodic cleaning of the uniforms is at the individual’s expense. 


Visit our JROTC Webpage 


Recent Posts

3rd Quarter Lessons


The Preamble

Citizenship Skills

Small Group Meetings

Etiquette (Military Ball)

Our Natural Rights

Articles of the Confederation

Creating our Constitution

Balancing the power

2nd Quarter Lessons

  • Service Learning
  • Cadet Portfolio Updates
  • Infectious Diseases and STD’s
  • Chronic Disease and Disability
  • Stress Management
  • Family and Peer Relationships
  • Preventing Violence
  • Reproduction and Pregnancy
  • Human Development Across a Lifespan

1st Quarter LET II Class Agenda

Lesson 1- The Need for First Aid 

Lesson 2- The First Life-Saving Steps 

Lesson 3- Controlling Bleeding 

Lesson 4- Treating for Shock and Immobilizing Fractures 

Lesson 5- First Aid for Burns 

Lesson 6- First Aid for Poisons, Wounds and Bruises 

Lesson 7- Heat injuries 

Lesson 8- Cold Weather Injuries 


All LET 2 cadets should be able to access both their student e-mail and One Drive.  These will be used throughout the school year.